Shamisen shop

Welcome Shamisen shop Sansuien.

One of our shop role is to introduce people to Shamisen's depth sense and wisdom.

Our shop features are below.

Shop owner Tanaka is able to speak English.
We have many Shamisen items, such as "order made","rare","New","used" and "rental".
Price range is 3900yen(rental) to 4,400,000 yen.

These are semi-order made Shamisen, made by Tanaka.
白紅木 三味線 三萃園 竹の糸巻き 三味線

Long-established Japanese restaurant use thses Shamisen.
義太夫三味線  昭和初期

We have Shop at Kariya City - Aichi prefecture.
(702-1 Kariya City -Aichi prefecture Japan , Near Fujimatsu station )

So, if you have any questions or anything about Shamisen, please do NOT hagitate to contact .

Shamisen contact

 <How to contact>
  「」or FAX 0566-91-7535
  Title「Shamisen」, content below.

    ■Phone No.
    ■How many year do you play shamisen.

    ■What kind of Shamisen do you like.
    ■question about Shamisen

 Tanaka will answer the your question within 24 hour usually.